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Baby & Toddler Classes

A gentle introduction to help familiarise the little ones with the aquatic environment through songs, interactive games and activities, making it fun and stimulating to encourage learning of essential elementary skills and water safety.
Babies as young as 5mths can begin classes. This level is designed to increase water confidence and safety for parents and infants, while supporting their development and familiarisation with the aquatic environment.
At this Level your baby is reaching more milestones and is more engaged. Through repetition of songs, interactive games and activities, we encourage mobility, propulsion and confidence with an emphasis on water safety.
Your toddler at this level is much more confident in their physical ability and they are able follow simple instructions. With their development of advancing propulsion skills, floatation and body positioning they are naturally progressing towards the next level for independent Learn to Swim classes.

Learn To Swim - Assessment Booking

It is essential that LTS children are assessed prior to commencement of lessons. The booking form is essentially to book for an assessment. This is so we understand the child’s abilities and what level they should be on. Assessments will be help on Saturday mornings from 8am – 9am.


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Learn To Swim

Our ability based Learn to swim program focuses on 5 progression levels. We start by building their confidence and water safety for improved independent swimming, with greater co-ordination, body positioning and breath control. Within each progression Level they will consolidate each step, concentrating on refining their skills and technique for each stroke, while improving their endurance.
This level students are focusing on improved water confidence, swim and survival skills, such as safe entries and exits, flotation, gaining treading water skills, breath control, body positioning and kicking with propulsion. 
Introduction to elementary freestyle with extended leg kicking and co-ordination of arms and breathing combination, backstroke kicking, body position, swim and survival skills.
At this level a focus on improving backstroke skills with shoulder rotation and timing. Consolidating progression steps for a streamlined freestyle technique.
Revision of previous learnt skills for backstroke and freestyle with introduction of high elbow. Breaking down of breaststroke technique for correct ankle scull and timing. Butterfly kicks for streamline starts are also initiated.
This is the last learn to swim level before Mini Mini’s (transitioning level before squad) At this level we are concentrating on refining stroke technique, increasing endurance and introducing dives and turns.

Squad Information

Home pool of the Whitsunday Swim Club, since opening. Squad training is open to all, not just the competitive swimmer. Anyone who wants to improve their swimming stroke, abilities and fitness.
2018 sees the first year of training run throughout the winter months, this alone is a massive stepping stone for the upcoming swimmers to quick start their summer of carnivals and fitness.
Sessions are run each afternoon from 3.30pm for Mini-Mini Squad or Mini Squad members. This is followed by Junior and Senior Squad swimmers.
learning the fundamentals of swimming while increasing your knowledge and skills through all strokes Freestyle, Backstroke, Breaststroke and Butterfly. Learning race skills of dives, turns and finishes. Introducing reading the clock. Swimmers can attend Club Night to see the enjoyment and be introduced to competing.
Progressing from Mini-Mini’s and learning to training through continuing skills across all strokes and learning to become efficient through the water. Gaining skills on reading the clock and learning time cycles.
Building our engine for performance and becoming efficient through all strokes, increasing aerobic capacity and speed work through training different energy levels. Increased sessions to build their training capacity and increased enjoyment in the sport. Working together as a team through sessions, club night and competing at carnivals.
Learning to go to the next level, the enjoyment of training and competing as a team. Building the racing body and enhancing skills and technique for the individual swimmer.
As well as a competitive program, senior squad also accommodates for non-competitive swimmers, looking for improved fitness or swimming stroke.